What is RiskWise?

What is RiskWise? The market-leading online property risk management solution.

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What's new?

What's new? Stay up-to-date with enhancements helping you manage risk in a fast-changing environment.

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Who uses RiskWise?

Who uses RiskWise? Hugely adaptable and widely used by Managing Agents, Property Owners, Insurers, Property Occupiers and more...

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Why RiskWise?

Why RiskWise? Manage and reduce risk and its associated costs, such as accidents, insurance premiums and litigation.

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How to get it?

How to get it? Getting up and running with your new system couldn’t be easier.

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Join our next webinar// See how RiskWise can help you manage and reduce risk.

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Managing Agents

RiskWise is used by large and small managing agents alike to keep control of operational property risks.

Trusted by 7 of the top 10 Managing Agents in the UK and used globally to manage diverse portfolios, RiskWise ensures complete visibility and management of risk.

RiskWise provides over 10,000 clients the market-leading solution to deliver advanced portfolio risk management and improved performance.

Managing a variety of risks across a diverse portfolio can prove a real challenge to agents.  RiskWise, designed to ensure compliance, improve workflows and ensure every risk is managed and resolved, streamlines processes to help property teams be more effective.

Collaboration of team members, suppliers and contractors through the RiskWise system ensures delegation of required tasks and simple communication – also providing a full audit trail.

With the RiskWise App, site-based inspections can be carried out with ease, offline, via a tablet device, and synchronised to the RiskWise system for improved data capture and visibility.

Plus, provide management information at the touch of a button – or provide management level access to dashboards graphs and high-level information.

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Select from five integrated modules to create a bespoke RiskWise risk management system:

  • Risk and Compliance Management: The Risk and Compliance Management module enables users to easily and accurately log all safety and other compliance inspections and hazards identified, then manage the risk through to resolution. RiskWise tracks and schedules any actions that are needed to resolve issues, generating email escalation alerts automatically and providing a full audit trail. All this information can be fully analysed, with the results displayed graphically through RiskWise dashboards.
  • Accident, Incident and Claims Management: This modules allows clients to log and manage all accidents, incidents and personal injuries that occur in their properties. Users are prompted to collect all appropriate information, including documentation and photography, as soon as possible – particularly important if there is the possibility of litigation. RiskWise users can record RIDDOR reportable incidents onto RiskWise whilst automatically notifying the HSE, avoiding double-entry of information and also allowing more detailed reporting and trend analysis to identify incident hotspots.
  • Contractor and Performance Management*: The Contractor and Performance Management module offers a comprehensive and effective way to manage the performance of contractors and other suppliers. Build a database of approved contractors, attaching information such as policies, risk assessments and method statements. Seek, receive and approve quotes, all online – then allocate actions to suppliers as required. The integral ‘Permit to Work’ system makes permit sign-off and management easy, ensuring all information is correctly provided before issue, automatically checking for permit to work clashes.
  • Environmental Management: The RiskWise Environmental & Sustainability Management module assists organisations in identifying, managing and reducing environmental impacts. Energy and water consumption can be monitored alongside emissions and waste management data to benchmark and improve environmental performance.
  • RiskWise App: The RiskWise App allows users to complete inspections on a tablet whilst on site and offline, without the need for WiFi or mobile connection, transforming the audit process – making it simpler, quicker and more effective. The RiskWise App is available for iOS and Android tablets.

All modules provide complete access to RiskWise’s advanced reporting and graphing tools to ensure visibility of management information.

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