Hotel and Leisure

Used by hotel and leisure venues to empower teams to monitor, manage and reduce risk.

Designed to help the leisure industry to take control of their portfolio, RiskWise provides complete management of risks including: health and safety, fire, asbestos, operational and legal.

Providing over 10,000 clients access to live risk management data, RiskWise ensures every risk is managed to resolution with automatic escalations driving teams to mitigate risks as quickly as possible.

Complete collaboration of teams, contractors and management teams ensures all information is held centrally, providing a full audit trail for defensibility.

Helping to reduce business costs including insurance premiums, incidents and potential litigation, RiskWise drives the risk management process, helping teams manage their environment more effectively.

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Select from five integrated modules to create a bespoke RiskWise risk management system designed for you:

  • Risk and Compliance Management: Track statutory and non-statutory inspections (including: health and safety, fire, asbestos, environmental, site safety checks), policies and procedures to ensure all compliance requirements are completed on-time.  Improve workflows by raising actions and escalations automatically to mitigate operational risks as quickly as possible.
  • Accident, Incident & Claims Management: Log all accidents, incidents and injuries for reporting and a full audit trail.  Ensure all evidence is gathered by on-site personnel to demonstrate due diligence and reduce the likelihood of accidents, litigation and associated business costs whilst simultaneously reducing the burden of administration.
  • Environmental & Sustainability Management: Identify, manage and reduce environmental impacts.  Monitor energy and water consumption alongside emissions and waste management data to benchmark and improve environmental performance.
  • Contractor & Performance Management: Use RiskWise to provide a directory of approved contractors, assign tasks and manage permits to work.  Plus, measure and report on the performance of contractors, all from your RiskWise system.
  • RiskWise App: Use the offline RiskWise App to carry out daily, weekly or unscheduled facility checks.  Define your own question sets to help you manage all areas including: cleaning checklists, wet facilities, room checks, security and safety.

All modules provide complete access to RiskWise’s advanced reporting and graphing tools to ensure visibility of management information.

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