What's New?

We regularly make system enhancements so our clients can stay ahead in the fast-changing risk environment.

NEW: Updates to the Accident, Incident & Claims Module

NEW functionality now available in RiskWise provides users with greater visibility and flexibility within the Accident, Incident & Claims module.

NEW: Plot Work Permits on Floorplans

RiskWise now allows users to mark the location of a work permit on a floorplan to indicate the area the permit is applicable to.

NEW: Track Individual Property Tenants Within RiskWise

We’ve improved the tenant management functionality within RiskWise which allows users to track the inspections and actions on a tenant-by-tenant basis, providing complete visibility of risk management.

NEW: RiskWise Dashboard

The NEW RiskWise Dashboard provides users with a range of options to display data in a wide variety of formats, from single headline statistics to graphs, charts and tables to provide an at-a-glance snapshot of your data.

NEW: Track Individual Property Units Within RiskWise

New for 2017, RiskWise now allows individual units to be tracked against ‘parent’ properties enabling the tracking of sub-buildings, assets, tenant areas or each particular property demise.

NEW RiskWise in Multiple Languages

RiskWise now available in multiple languages using Google Translate.

NEW RiskWise iPhone App

Following the successful launch of the RiskWise App to iPad and Android tablet users in 2014, the S2 Partnership is delighted to announce the launch of the RiskWise App for iPhone. The new RiskWise App enables more users than ever before to benefit from faster on-site inspections completely offline.

NEW Dynamic Reporting

Now available to S2 consultancy clients, new RiskWise Dynamic Reports provide a faster way to view key data from your S2 assessments and audits.

Asset Register

Track, maintain and control assets across your portfolio with the NEW RiskWise Asset Register.

Compliance Reporting

The RiskWise Compliance Reporting allows users to quickly view, analyse and improve compliance performance across their portfolio.

Water Hygiene Management

RiskWise users now have the facility to manage water hygiene risk by logging readings against domestic and cooling tower outlets on a per property basis, analysing data and escalating issues for complete water hygiene risk management.

User Interface

We’ve minimised clicks to navigate the system quicker and optimised screen use to enable more information to be shown on screen at any one time leading to a more streamlined system, meaning you can now access your data and favourites more quickly.

Custom Accident Forms

Users can now create bespoke accident forms and attach them to accident types, ensuring your teams are capturing all the relevant information you need to provide improved defensibility and full audit trails.

Asbestos Register

The NEW Asbestos Register functionality enables users to track Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) on a per property basis whilst maintaining a full audit trail detailing any remediation works.

Automatic PDF Reporting

Users can now generate automatic PDF reports when an audit is logged on either the RiskWise App, or the RiskWise web based system. Email escalations containing the report can be issued to any number of pre-defined recipients allowing users to access, view and download existing audit reports into PDF format at any time. The report contains details on the property, audit type, question responses and any actions raised, complete with any photographic evidence.

RiskWise App Action Management

The New RiskWise App Action Management functionality allows users the freedom to manage and update actions whilst on-the-go. Designed to allow users to simply update, view and complete actions whilst on site, users download property information before leaving a Wifi or mobile data signal area. Whilst on site users can log new inspections and actions and create progress notes to existing actions whilst offline. Once back online, the information gathered can be synchronised back into the RiskWise system, to automatically progress and complete actions.

RiskWise App Action Management is currently available on the RiskWise App iOS version.

See Your Data More Clearly- New Graphing Tools Available

RiskWise has a new advanced graphing and charting tool available providing all the existing reporting capabilties of RiskWise, but with a refreshed new look and greater flexibility.

Offering completely bespoke reporting, the RiskWise graphing engine now offers a comprehensive range of new graphs, charts and gauges to see your data more clearly within RiskWise dashboards and reports. Plus RiskWise users can benefit from dynamic graphing options, hover-over tooltips to
display specific data points, and zoom-in options to view specific graph areas in closer detail.

As always, users can also drill down through RiskWise graphs to view data in finer resolution or to view raw data in tabular format.

View Up to 10 Dashboards Simultaneously

RiskWise now provides the option to configure up to 10 digital dashboards to run simultaneously so you can view all your key data side-by-side. Whether you’d like to view data for multiple properties, portfolios or regions alongside one another, the new RiskWise dashboards provide easy-to-view snapshots of information in real time.

Security Enhancements

RiskWise is now protected by a further level of security relating to protection of all images and documents stored within your RiskWise system. RiskWise is regularly penetration-tested to ensure absolute security and peace of mind.

Live RIDDOR Automated Reporting

RiskWise users are benefiting from recent enhancements to the Accident, Incident & Claims Management module, which enables the recording of RIDDOR reportable incidents onto RiskWise whilst automatically notifying the HSE.

Automatic RIDDOR reporting through RiskWise avoids double-entry of information. Once a report has been submitted on RiskWise, an email notification is sent by the HSE, acknowledging receipt of the RIDDOR report and logging it in RiskWise’s audit trail with the HSE’s Incident Reference Number.

Although organisations can record incidents on the HSE website, there is no reporting or trend analysis on the incidents logged, meaning valuable data is not available. RiskWise’s enhanced functionality provides users with key data to enable detailed reporting and trend analysis for identifying accident hot spots, and monitoring specific accident trends.

We’re continually adding to the RiskWise system – if you’d like to hear more about the latest features, contact us!

Why select RiskWise?

Market-Leading. RiskWise is respected as being the number one risk management solution on the market – but don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our clients say.

Accessibility. As an online risk management solution, RiskWise is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any web-enabled device.  Access RiskWise on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Individuality.  We want your RiskWise system to work for you, so instead of giving you an off-the-shelf solution, every RiskWise system we setup is tailored to your requirements.

Innovation.  New system features are regularly introduced to keep RiskWise users one step ahead in risk management.  New features are launched to users via webinars and email updates, allowing our clients to gain maximum benefit from their RiskWise system.

Training & Support. Our first-class training and support team always goes the extra mile for our clients.  Users also benefit from free access to our comprehensive RiskWise Online Knowledgebase and FAQs.

Experience.  Our system is backed up by our team of in-house risk management consultants, who use the system daily to help our clients manage and reduce risk.  By using the system ourselves, we’re at the front line to ensure it delivers what you need.

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The market-leading online property risk management solution.

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What's new?

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Manage and reduce risk and its associated costs, such as accidents, insurance premiums and litigation.

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