Contractor & Performance Management

Manage the performance of all suppliers and issue permits to work.

What does it do?

This module offers a comprehensive and effective way to manage the performance of contractors and other suppliers.

It allows you to build a database of approved contractors attaching appropriate information such as their policies, risk assessments and method statements. You can seek, receive and approve quotes – all online – and then allocate actions to suppliers as required.

As you’d expect, each action is fully tracked and monitored. The module automatically prompts for any time-sensitive information such as that relating to insurance claims. If these become overdue, the contractor is automatically placed ‘under review’. There’s even a feedback feature, allowing you to rate and review your experiences with individual contractors.  You can also set up performance management questions for suppliers, contractors and others. Answers are filled in online, and can be scored and weighted to provide invaluable information about how they are performing against your set criteria.

The ‘Permit to Work’ system makes permit sign-off and management easy, ensuring all information is correctly provided before issue, automatically checking for permit to work clashes. It also offers clear identification of sites not adequately completing permits, ensuring remedial action can be taken.

What are the benefits?

The RiskWise Contractor & Performance Management module makes contractor and supplier management simple ensuring all related actions and administration are completed and providing a comprehensive solution to managing contractor and supplier performance.

The module’s electronic Permit to Work System brings users a multitude of benefits ensuring stringent permit management and a reduction in the number of permits not being signed-off or closed.

Why select RiskWise?

Market-Leading.  RiskWise is respected as being the number one risk management solution on the market – but don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our clients say.

Accessibility. As an online risk management solution, RiskWise is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any web-enabled device.  Access RiskWise on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Individuality.  We want your RiskWise system to work for you, so instead of giving you an off-the-shelf solution, every RiskWise system we setup is tailored to your requirements.

Innovation.  New system features are regularly introduced to keep RiskWise users one step ahead in risk management.  New features are launched to users via webinars and email updates, allowing our clients to gain maximum benefit from their RiskWise system.

Training & Support. Our first-class training and support team always go the extra mile for our clients.  Users also benefit from free access to our comprehensive RiskWise Online Knowledgebase and FAQs.

Experience.  Our system is backed up by our team of in-house risk management consultants, who use the system daily to help our clients manage and reduce risk.  By using the system ourselves, we’re at the front line to ensure it delivers what you need.

What is RiskWise?

The market-leading online property risk management solution.

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What's new?

Stay up-to-date with enhancements helping you manage risk in a fast-changing environment.

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Who uses RiskWise?

Hugely adaptable and widely used by Managing Agents, Property Owners, Insurers, Property Occupiers and more...

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Why RiskWise?

Manage and reduce risk and its associated costs, such as accidents, insurance premiums and litigation.

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How to get it?

Getting up and running with your new system couldn’t be easier.

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